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Apply for a small grant


Our small grants programme is temporarily closed to new applications, but that we will be re-launching this in autumn.


We know that groups often only need a small amount of money to make a big difference, so our small grant scheme means people can make their projects happen quickly and easily.


The scheme is for one-off small grants, up to a maximum of £500


There are no deadlines, the scheme is on-going and applications can be made at any time, provided the people taking part in the activity or group are mainly from Rudheath and Witton.



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How to apply


Fill in our short application form here – if you would like to discuss your idea first, or find out if you are eligible or get some help completing the form you can speak to Fiona Cowley on 01606 723160 or email  


Then please send your completed application to us either by post to RWT Administrator, c/o Groundwork, Yarwoods Arm, Navigation Road, Northwich, Cheshire CW8 1BE or by email to


We will acknowledge receipt of all completed applications within one week and will let you know the outcome of our decision within one month.


Grants can only be awarded to clubs, groups and organisations and not directly to individuals. But if you have an idea for a project but are not associated with a group or organisation please contact us – we may still be able to help you.


Examples of things we might fund are: community events, festivals, fetes, activities for older people, sports groups and clubs, young people’s activities, environmental activities like clean up days or planting schemes, improvements to community facilities etc.


Successful applicants may reapply, but no more than two grants can be given to a group in a single financial year. If you do want to reapply bear in mind that we would not expect to just keep funding the same activity and could ask to see some progress made.


Join the Partnership


The RWT Partnership was formed to get things going, and fortunately many of our members continue to be involved in taking the project forward. 


We are always keen to hear from potential new members, so if you are interested in hearing more about joining the Partnership please get in touch


You can come along to a meeting to see whether it’s for you, obviously joining the Partnership is entirely voluntary! 


Meet the Partnership here.