"Rudheath and Witton will be vibrant and resilient with connected and accessible community-focussed activities that contribute towards improving residents' social and employment opportunities, especially for the young and those who are disadvantaged" (Phase 2 Vision)


Everything that Rudheath and Witton Together plans to do is based on feedback from our community and our partner organisations who are working for our residents. All our projects are designed to meet local needs or interests, and once agreed by the Partnership they form our plan of action for the period ahead.


Our community plan then needs to be approved and signed off by our funders Local Trust, who authorise the grant money to be spent accordingly.  


This means everyone is clear about what we are setting out to do, and why, and the amount of money that has been allocated to that period.


For 2016-2018 we have a delivery plan which has been approved – and although we might make some tweaks to this as we progress, the basic proposals on how we will spend our money to achieve our goals will remain the same.


You can download a copy of our plan here


Our first plan covered 2013-2015. You can download the Area profile and business plan here and the Final summary here.


We also undertook a review of our first phase at an event called the Rudheath and Witton Summit. This gave us a great opportunity to look at what had (or hadn’t) been successful and where we could make changes and improvements for our next plan. This video tells you more about this summit.


Big Local Delivery plan 2016-2018