Current Projects
Do it Together



This project will be externally tendered in mid-September, we will be seeking an experienced and forward thinking arts organisation to lead an innovative and exciting creative programme in collaboration with our residents.

Space 4 Us



- a mobile hub for activities to be delivered on the doorstep.

On the Ground

– a local person employed in a community events / activities role




Brighter Futures



A number of projects which will provide for a broad range of residents, including families with babies and pre-schoolers, as well as being accessible to all children and young people in the area. We are in the process of working with some of our local partners to begin to set these projects up, but we'll also need input from local people as to how they want to see these run in the future. More details to follow shortly. 




Local Jobs for Local People



We want to ensure that everyone in our area has access to job opportunities. This includes people looking for their first job, or their first job in a while, but also those who might need some extra training or support so they can move on in their career, or people who want to increase their working hours or get a permanent contract. The Work Zone can offer support to all residents and will be running sessions within the community, at times and places that are convenient to those who want to take part. 


They will also be developing relationships with our local employers, to make sure that when jobs do become available then local people are able to apply. 


For more information please contact Alison Reid at the Work Zone on 

Tel: 01606 288908 x88908

Mobile: 07920 415 406

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