Space for Us

Lots of people have told us that there aren’t enough activities for them or their families to do in our area – or that they don’t know what is actually on offer. We’ve also got some great facilities which we aren’t always making the most of, or which could offer other things for people to take part in.


So for this project we’re looking at making better use of what’s available, but we're also focussing on making sure there is something going on for everyone, and especially those people who don’t (or can't) normally come along to community events or don’t feel there’s anything for them in our area. 


We know that certain groups are not well provided for at the moment, and hope to address this through Space for Us. And we'll start by actually asking those people what they want to do! We'll also be looking at whether people can actually physically get to places – for instance if they don’t have transport or have limited mobility, and how we can help if they can't.


We hope to be able to announce more details soon, in the meantime if you would like any more information please get in touch