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RWT partnership

By joining the RWT Partnership you are adding your voice to ensure that the Rudheath and Witton area benefits from the investment by Local Trust.

Partnership members are asked to attend our monthly partnership meetings to make decisions about the projects and funding allocated in our latest plan. They also identify other local needs and work together with the staff to try and find funding for the projects - for example the Christmas Food Boxes and Isolation bags were all funded outside of the Big Local funding.

Your main tasks are:

  • Commitment to the role – reading and understanding any emails, papers or information that you receive, or if you don’t understand something asking the staff or Big Local Rep.

  • Attend meetings (if you can’t come to meeting speak to the project manager so your views can be heard and shared). We now also have the option to attend ‘virtually’ if you can’t come along.

  • Sharing your views and questions.

  • Making joint decisions about the funding and projects (with support from staff and Big Local rep) and keeping in line with the current plan.

  • Keeping within Local Trust and RWT policies and procedures.

  • Supporting RWT events and activities when you can.

  • Attending training sessions (where possible).

  • Keeping up to date on Big Local news.

  • Speaking on behalf of RWT and representing the whole community.

You are given an induction so you can ask any questions about the role, support from the RWT staff, loan of an RWT iPad (if needed) to be able to access meetings and information and access to Big Local training and events. Some of the partnership have undertaken leadership courses as well as other options to develop your skills.

If you'd like an informal chat before applying please contact Heidi Tel: 07788 340957 email: [email protected] 

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